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Nature-Clear™ Ponds

Nature-Clear™ is a microbial based water treatment specifically formulated to help restore ecological equilibrium in ponds & lakes. In most cases, poor water quality results from an overload of nutrients, primarily excess phosphates, nitrates and ammonia. Over time this nutrient buildup creates an unbalanced ecosystem. Nature-Clear™ creates clean pond and lake-water through a natural biological process. This microbial based product contains aerobic and facultative bacteria capable of biodegrading cellulose, lignin, hydrocarbons and other organic pollutants in aqueous environments.

Nature-Clear™ also contains select microbial strains, which utilize the excess phosphates, nitrates and ammonia in the water column to satiate their metabolic functions. When the excess nutrient load is removed the end result is improved water clarity, reduced organic sediment and suspended particulate matter, a reduction in foul odors and an overall improvement in water quality.

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Nature-Clear™ Ponds

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