Bee-Safe™ Dealers

Bee-Safe™ authorized dealers receive discounts on NTI products, exclusive training, rights to trademarks, and much more.

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Natural Technologies, Inc. Authorized Dealers

Become an Authorized, Bee-Safe™ Dealer

  • Explore an exciting opportunity to enhance your business by promoting and applying the Bee-Safe™ natural, organic lawn and garden products and system
  • As a dealer, your business remains independent. You set up and run your company the way you want to
  • As a dealer, you establish your own prices charged to provide services using our products, or to re-sell our products
  • There are no ongoing royalty fees

What you get:

  • Right to use our Bee-Safe™ Land Care and Fire Belly® Organics trademarks in connection with the sale of our products.
  • Right to purchase and use our unique Bee-Safe™ bio- enhanced organic fertilizers and soil booster
  • Right to use our proven (patent pending) six step process and system for lawn and turf care
  • A designated territory
  • Product discounts
  • Right to use our technical guide of suggested best practices to understand how to apply our products and enable you to explain to your clients the benefits of using our natural system vs. hazardous chemical fertilizers and pesticide
  • Technical understanding of the health and environmental hazards of harsh chemical fertilizers and why the natural organic options are better for human health and the environment
  • Technical support, trouble shooting guide, FAQ, etc in the application and performance of Bee-Safe™ Land Care to help you create and maintain a beautiful, lush lawn
  • Promotional materials designed to explain the environmental, health safety and performance advantages of Bee-Safe™ Land Care
  • Training webinars
  • Web site template tool that you can easily modify to your own design and needs

In exchange for this Bee-Safe™ dealership and for the support services and materials:

  • You pay an up front dealer fee
  • You agree to purchase and exclusively use our Bee-Safe™ products. There will be a minimum required material purchase amount.

* In order to be eligible to become an Authorized Bee-Safe™ Dealer, you must already be an existing trade or service business.