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NTI has a mission to provide high performance alternatives that will eliminate the use of dangerous pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers. We use innovative technology to make progress towards saving the environment and creating a healthier world for people and their children.

Natural Technologies, Inc. is composed of three divisions; Firebelly® Organics, a unique six step natural, organic lawn care program, Bee-Safe™, a dealer network of professional land care providers, and Nature-Clear™, a line of natural pond care products formulated to help restore ecological equilibrium in ponds and water gardens.

The practice of applying synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to millions of acres of lawns around our country does not make any sense. People are pushing artificial growth and color with as much water-soluble nitrogen fertilizer as they can. This, and the overuse of pesticides, is damaging to our environment and to human health. The EPA, our elected officials and the general public are starting to agree.

Natural Technologies Inc. has a solution. We have the technology to provide a natural, organic system that will still give you a beautiful lawn without using synthetic chemicals.

There are other organic products on the market, but what makes ours special is the focus on improving soil health and the total system approach we teach.

We have developed a line of professional turf products under the Fire Belly® and Bee-Safe™ brand names that allow us to feed the soil with beneficial microbes and nutrients. Healthy soil means healthy grass and plants. It enables us 'lawn lovers' to continue our passion for a lush green carpet without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Let us help you develop a truly holistic and sustainable approach to your turf grass care.

Our technology allows you to achieve this at the same or lower cost than a conventional chemical program.The end goal is to completely eliminate the use of dangerous pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers

We are located in Southern New Hampshire, but provide our services and products all over the United States and Canada. Help us get the word out that natural, organic lawn care is the way to go and that it is not difficult to achieve.


Thomas Kelly, President, Founder and CEO

Thomas Kelly has spent close to two decades working in the lawn care and agricultural industry. After graduating from Syracuse University in 1993, Tom accidentally found himself employed as a lawn technician for Barefoot Grass Lawn Service where he learned the ins and outs of the corporate chemical lawn care industry. In 1997, he and two partners opened The Lawn Dawg in Hudson, NH and went on to grow the business into one of the largest privately owned chemical lawn care firms in the North East....

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