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President, founder and ceo

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Thomas Kelly has spent close to two decades working in the lawn care and agricultural industry.

After graduating from Syracuse University in 1993, Tom accidentally found himself employed as a lawn technician for Barefoot Grass Lawn Service where he learned the ins and outs of the corporate chemical lawn care industry. In 1997, he and two partners opened The Lawn Dawg in Hudson, NH and went on to grow the business into one of the largest privately owned chemical lawn care firms in the North East.

After spending many years studying how synthetic chemical treatments affect soil and environmental conditions Tom went on to develop a patent on a step program that utilizes only natural and microbial components to enhance turf. The end goal of this program is to ultimately eliminate the use of synthetic chemicals altogether when it comes to the care of lawns. In 2009 he sold The Lawn Dawg to open Fire Belly Organic Lawn Care where the process was put into full operation with incredible results and feedback.

In 2011 Tom and Fire Belly Organic Lawn Care partnered with Natural Technologies Incorporated to bring the technology to a wider audience that includes both consumers and commercial applicators. The end goal is to ultimately have a wide reaching impact when it comes to reducing the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and dangerous pesticides.

He is a proud father, husband and considers himself an environmentalist in progress.