BeeSafe Testimonials

Lawrence Academy, Groton, MA

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the results I have been achieving with Natural Technologies’ products. I am the Turf Manager at Lawrence Academy in Groton, MA. I am responsible for over 25 acres of turf grass which receive various amounts of stress from multiple sources. We have used your products in various applications depending on the individual stressors, be they sun, foot traffic, summer athletic camps or varsity athletic fields.

It is important to both me and Lawrence Academy to be as organic as possible. That being said, I have used organic products in the past that have not worked or have been overly expensive. You seem to have struck a balance between low cost and excellent results.

Lastly, you and your staff have been attentive and helpful whenever I needed an answer to a particular issue. I look forward to working with you even more in the future.

Carole Figgins

Hydro-Green, Marlton, NJ

I have been using BeeSafe products for a year now and must say that I am impressed. In what has to have been the worst summer in recorded history, my BeeSafe lawns are healthier and better looking than those of my chemical lawns. They require no fungicides and are receiving rave reviews from my customers.

When I first looked into going organic, I must say I was highly skeptical. However as soon as I attended your training, I knew I¹d found the right blend of organics and business savvy that I was looking for. You¹ve found the right combination of products and processes to achieve success where so many others have failed.

My only regret is that I offered a bridge-type of program at all. Having over 20 years in the lawn care business, I was still covering all my bases. Now that I see the results from even 1 year on your program, I suggest jumping in with both feet to anyone who is considering the BeeSafe opportunity.

Keith Haitz